Why We're Here?

Defeat the Fresen-Bogdanoff Bill in the State Legislature

Our growing No New Casinos Coalition strongly opposes the takeover of the Miami area by gargantuan businesses that will degrade the city. Don’t be fooled. The future won’t just involve one or two casinos — although the Genting Project alone is slated to create two of the largest casinos in the nation. Casinos will multiply and transform our region into something that will be a sad legacy to pass on to the future generations of residents. Legitimate businesses will shy away from wanting to locate here.

While we have limited gambling in our region now, the takeover of Miami by gambling interests will change the fragile sense of hope in downtown Miami to an inward looking destination resort that will irreparably harm local businesses. The jobs created are not worth the long-term goal of building a community we can be proud of. We can do better with local planning input and better urban designs.

Call or write local and state legislators NOW and tell them that their embarrassing deal making in front of what they perceive to be a Casino steamroller is an insult to what so many people have worked so hard to produce. They are wrong for not asking the hard questions about the overall impact of such a large scale of gambling casinos in Miami.

We want a REAL CITY that we can point to with pride not a city of illusions, crime, and chance. Arts, culture, and productive work will not be attracted to a GAMBLING CITY. Las Vegas has among the largest foreclosure and unemployment rates in the nation. If Casino gambling comes to Miami, we will become more like Las Vegas or Atlantic City with the kinds of crime, corruption and addictions that erode our nation. Speak out while you have a chance. Go to the contact page and tell your elected officials NO Casino gambling in MIami.