Add Your Name- Let Us Know you Support No New Casinos:

This website has been set up by Gregory Bush – with help from others – to support various groups who oppose New Casinos in South Florida. For further information and/or to add your name as a supporter, contact:

Our Supporters are growing and include the following:

The Urban Environment League

-Norman Braman, Martin Margulies, former Commissioner Katy Sorenson,

-Beth Boone, Dr. Ernie Martin, Dr. Paul George, Sallye and Jim Jude, Penny Lambeth

-Dr. Steve Stein, Grace Solares, Dr. Gregory Bush, John DeLeon, Esq.

-Albert Harum-Alvarez, Thorn Grafton, Dr. Donald Spivey, Dr, Edmund Abaka

-Dolly MacIntyre, Marissa Fortunati, Esq., Ricardo Suarez

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