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We in South Florida are growing a strong movement to Stop New Casino Gambling in the state. Miami Dade and Broward attract millions of tourists each year. We have placed increasing attention on culture as well as attracting employers in a variety of industries to our region.

We don’t need to “rebrand” ourselves as another Las Vegas or Atlantic City or worse. We want to build on our natural and cultural resources with creative new ideas rather than bury them within mega casino resort destinations. The congestion, additional infrastructure and service costs will destroy downtown Miami while there is still a chance to make a great city.  We need to focus on planning a city/region that benefits all our people and looks to the future health of everyone rather to benefit a few.  That’s Common Sense for our era.

We already have limited gambling for those interested in it. It is enough.

Please VOTE AGAINST the Fresen/Bogdanoff Bill in committee and later.

Thanks for your attention.


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