Could Gambling Bill Be A Sleeper Issue in the Republican Primary? Here’s the perspective of One Angry Republican writing in

Angry at My Political Party over Gambling Donations. By Geniusofdespair

As a registered Republican — yes again — I am mad that, according to the Miami Herald, my party took in $628,000 from Genting (I would suppose to distribute to candidates without the gambling taint of a direct deposit to the candidates). In fact my Florida Pubs took in $2 million from gaming. Shit! The article also says that Shill Rep. Erik Fresen wants a citizen vote on on gambling. Why not? They will lie about jobs and get the vote they need – they already polled on it.

Well, I did my own research on my old party — since 10/03/2011 those damn State Dems took in almost $100,000 from Genting, $105,000 from the Seminole tribe,

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$45 from Hartman & Tyner, Inc. — $250,000 total from gambling, so they ain’t no saints either. As an aside, the Dems also took in $45,000 from Florida Crystals. Why is Genting so generous? Because Florida is offering them the most lucrative deal of any of the other U.S. States except Nevada and New Jersey and those deals were forged decades ago. They must be laughing at our dumb Florida politicians for putting together a sweetheart deal for them.

There was a good commentary on gambling downtown in yesterday’s paper by Daniel Shoer Roth. He makes some excellent points:
In no other world-class city are casinos located in the heart of the financial district, except in Las Vegas, which is a city mainly devoted to gambling. Even in Malaysia, where Genting is based, the company’s flagship casino is located 30 miles northeast of Kuala Lumpur on top of a hill.

These downtown casinos not only will occupy the land they have acquired, but they will also invade public spaces.
Shoer Roth contends Genting will have to take over close to 6 acres of city streets, in addition to the 13.9 they own, to make their project happen.

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