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Gambling: Chamber Idiots read the Friggin’ Newspaper. By Geniusofdespair
Miami Chamber of Commerce: This is a BAD DEAL!!!

I cannot believe the Miami Chamber of Commerce endorsed the casino idea. Do

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they not know how to read? Do they not see what a BAD DEAL this is? It was reported as such on 11/19/11 — the Miami Herald said that Florida’s proposed 10% tax was a jackpot for the industry. A 10% casino tax would be the 4th lowest in the country. 18 States charge more. And, we would have to lower the current rates for the racinos if this 10% gets approved.

Pennsylvania charges a 55% gambling tax. In New York the revenue retained by the operator is 33.47% which leaves 66.53% for New York. Casinos in New York have a $1.088 billion dollar gross revenue. The gaming tax revenue is $503.48 million. Even West Virginia keeps 54.14%. The casinos still make plenty of money (Gross revenue $877.65 million – Tax Revenue $378.79 million).

This phony job creation crap: West Virginia’s 5 casinos employ 4,528 and Colorado’s 37 casinos employ 9,589. New York has 8 casinos and they employ 3,465 people. That is a measly 433 for each venue. In comparison, the county employs 3,000 people that make over $100,000. President of Resorts World Colin Au stated the 3 casinos in Florida would create 100,000 permanent jobs. That is highly unlikely since Nevada has 256 casinos and only employs 175,000.

Miami Chamber of Commerce: READ THE NUMBERS FOR EACH STATE. And, city of Miami you might look at Maine that lets 3% of gross gaming revenue go directly to the city of Bangor and Kansas sends 3% to its local government.

I keep asking: WHY ARE WE GETTING SUCH A BAD DEAL IN FLORIDA?? We know our politicians are a bunch of idiots but come on, our business community should be smarter when there is a dollar sign involved.

Greater Miami Chamber of Commerce Sinks To New Low … by gimleteye
The Greater Miami Chamber of Commerce (that once failed to supervise its own book keepers who ran off with the bank account) simply cannot get it right. By whatever conception the “free market” best provides for the public good, the Chamber defies that logic. Now the Chamber shoots Miami in the foot by “endorsing” casinos despite considerable dissent among business leaders. Those who oppose casinos in Miami have facts on their side. It’s a shame, but just another notch in the Chamber’s super-wide, fat belt including, most recently, Chamber opposition to Florida Hometown Democracy. Casinos are a scavenger economic activity. There are enough scavengers to make a meal of Florida without introducing a new power base for corruption.

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