From Milly Herrera in Hialeah

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We would like to see ALL the hotels prosper and not allow a new one much larger than the largest, currently existing, especially from a foreign investor who will take land from us. We prefer revenue to come from family and youth-oriented theme parks, adult-oriented parks, tennis/golf clubs (with tournaments), marine shows, boat shows and races on the marina in Key Biscayne, the beaches, water sports, a visit to the Everglades Nat. Park, cultural and historic venues, nature and botanical gardens, walking trails, bike trails, sporting events, conventions, concerts, fairs, restaurants, nightlife, and any type of gambling should be strictly limited to the seasonal horse races or similar sporting events.
The Las Vegas style casinos and huge glamorous hotels will destroy the existing resorts and boutique hotels we are known for. They might create jobs (initially), but other hotels and restaurants will fold over in neglect (eventually) and those people will lose their jobs. The addicts will ruin their marriage, their family life, lose their jobs, resort to drinking or end up mentally ill, because an addict is an addict and the addiction is not relevant. A heavy smoker is more prone to other forms of addictions and vice-versa. These individuals will then have less money to spend on other venues (including their rent and groceries), we will have more crime to deal with, more social problems. Eventually, the casinos will become old and run down in time (20 – 30 years

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from today) AND That is what the children of today will inherit.

Politicians have to look at the type of persons who argue in favor of the casinos – most of them are the less educated or the politicians and businessmen with some vested interest. The majority of the most educated and hard working people we ask do not want them.
They will want to put it on a ballot because they know they have the absentee ballots and machine that gets all the votes.
What we should do is tell the Genting Group to take their business elsewhere. We do not want to become their slaves, nor do we want to be in debt with them! They will destroy us (eventually). Instead, elected officials should work to establish laws that make it easier on industry and businesses to create jobs here at home. We also cannot depend on others to feed us, clothes us and give us the necessities of life for much longer.
Milly Herrera
Hialeah, FL

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  1. Florida is known for its beautiful beaches, open air malls such as Bayside, and major attractions such as Disney World, Vizcaya, Metro Zoo, Parrot Jungle and specialty restaurants. Why would tourists come and spend their time at a destination resort when Florida has so many attractions for tourists to enjoy. You can be assured that tourists will go elsewhere just to avoid the crime and conjestion that gambling brings,

    I want to remind you, that all that glitters is not gold. While it appears to be a lucrative way to bring added revenue into Florida’s coffers, the opposite is true. The social costs far outweigh the revenue that casinos bring in. Locally-owned businesses go bankrupt because consumers have changed their spending habits to gamble at casinos.

    If you are interested in creating jobs, why are you robbing from Peter to pay Paul? Clearly, this is the wrong approach to creating jobs. The types of jobs that you will be looking at are dealers, pit bosses, cocktail waitresses and hosts and hostesses. Is this the future that you want for our Floridians? Floridians deserve better.

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