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Miami Beach Residents Confront Destination Casinos – NOW

Nov. 26, 2011

ALERT FOR: Miami Beach Residents

FROM: Frank Del Vecchio, 301 Ocean Drive

Billionaire Las Vegas casino mogul Steve Wynn is trying to squelch Miami Beach opposition to destination casinos by dangling the possibility that he will build a convention/casino complex for us. [“Las Vegas mogul endorses Beach for casino site”, Nov. 10 Herald article by Douglas Hanks.] http://www.miamiherald.com/2011/11/09/2494150/las-vegas-gambling-mogul-eyes.html#storylink=misearch

This dangerous flirtation distracts us from the clear and present danger of a massive casino/convention center on the Herald/Omni site. The “Destination Casino” bill pending in the state legislature must be defeated to clear the way for an upgraded Convention Center on the Beach and avoid the nightmare of gridlock on MacArthur and Venetian Causeways. The casino bill can be defeated in the state legislature, but not if residents buy in to Wynn’s game.

Miami Beach knows better than to be taken in by the Las Vegas hard sell and the illusion of easy money. The sooner we scuttle the “Destination Casino” bill the sooner we can upgrade our convention center, capitalizing on our city’s unique concentration of architecture, pedestrian ambience, art, music and dance, climate and beachfront.

Casino industry hype is so intense, Miami Beach commissioners need confirmation that residents oppose casinos in Miami-Dade. They will vote on this at their December 14 city commission meeting (item to be heard after 5PM).

Opportunities for resident input:
Meet with Mayor Bower, 6:30PM Wed., Dec. 7, Botanical Garden
City Commission Workshop, 4PM, Friday, Dec. 9, Convention Center Hall C, Room 134
Chamber of Commerce “Gaming Forum”, 5:30PM-7:30PM Tuesday, Dec. 13, Convention Center Hall D
City Commission discussion item, after 5PM Wed., Dec. 14, city commission chambers
Residents should e-mail the mayor and commissioners on this matter: MayorBower@miamibeachfl.gov, Deede@miamibeachfl.gov, Ed@miamibeachfl.gov, Jerry@miamibeachfl.gov, Jonah@miamibeachfl.gov, Michael@miamibeachfl.gov, Jorge@miamibeachfl.gov