Get Involved in Stopping Casino Gambling

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vity in the Miami area.


2 thoughts on “Get Involved in Stopping Casino Gambling

  1. How can we get involved and make our voices known? Contact state, county and city of Miami legislators. Print letters to the editor. Gather a group and demonstrate that you dont want casinos taking over MIami. Miami is such a culture of cynicism that a little visible concern to do the right thing can sometimes make a big difference. Afterall, the public stopped the Bauman project on the Miami circle and the John Henry takeover of Bicentennial Park. The public – when it sees and clear path and creates broad coalitions – can make a big difference. This should not be about a few key leaders speaking out but opposition should reflect a broad array of public opinion.

  2. I read ” Havana Nocturne ” by T.J. English this past summer. If you are not yet convince Gambling is a social cancer please read the book.

    And please check Eric Fresen’s background.

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